Off to write a book, film a documentary

Northside Rotary is helping Jennifer Preyss travel the world and write her book: "Breaking Bread: One Table, Many Faiths".
Jennifer writes for the Victoria Advocate and click below for her story she wrote May 8,2015 before leaving for her once in a lifetime journey.

I can't believe it's finally time to say goodbye to Victoria.

On Sunday, we fly to Buenos Aires and begin this wild adventure.

I can't tell you how many mixed emotions I'm experiencing right now.

I'm excited and terrified and hopeful; the adventurer in me is beginning to stir.

But I'm also filled with thankfulness and peace.

For two years, I've been talking about writing "Breaking Bread: One Table, Many Faiths," and now, after all this time, it's coming to life.

Raising money for a project that I passionately believe will change the world, or at least a few small communities, was no easy task.

When it seemed like the money wasn't coming together a few days before departure, the anxiety set in.

I wasn't sure how I was going to make it work, but I kept praying God would move the stars on my behalf.

On Wednesday, he did just that. Our financial needs, our goal, was met in entirety.

So I am now leaving the country and going on a four-month sabbatical with peace of mind, rather than worry and uncertainty about the back-end.

I want to offer a special thank you to Rotary Northside Club in Victoria. I don't want to diminish the support we've received from countless Rotarians in the district because I am endlessly thankful for every check, every handshake, every "attagirl" I've received. But Northside was the first Rotary club in the district to offer their support and ask to sponsor the trip. They were the first to believe in the message of "Breaking Bread," especially club president Rex Horst, and continued to encourage us to seek help from various Rotary clubs across South Texas.

There was no doubt, or hesitance, in their support, either financially or personally. It was just there, in abundance, and it felt great to have a group of people believe in this vision as much as they did.

They also gave us a generous $4,000 donation, which I've yet to wrap my mind around.

There have been others along the way who've supported me from the beginning: Pastor Bill Hassel, Kent Grier, Mark Pekar and others who have long heard me strategize, pray and brainstorm ways to get this project off the ground.

And there was one last supporter, whom I'm not allowed to mention, who swooped in at the last minute and filled the gap because he believed in me and the ability for this project to do good work for God's kingdom.

But for everyone who contributed to the makings of "Breaking Bread," and you know who you are, I offer you my sincerest thanks. It's quite a tremendous feeling to watch your dreams come about.

And in my case, it only took 67 people to make that happen.

I can't wait to share this adventure with you all, and I hope you'll follow along in the faith section each week as Revelations continues from destinations from around the world.

And continue to check for weekly updates on the journey, photos and, God-willing, a few video clips.

Thank you all for making this dream come true.

Now, I just have to go and do.

Jennifer Preyss is the faith editor for the Victoria Advocate. You can reach her at 361-580-6535,, or on Twitter @jenniferpreyss.